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Career Presentation In a Nut shell

Gratitude Career Coffee Talk is a casual and lighthearted career presentation to our friends and acquaintances who wish to be the next generation of self made millionaires.

  • Why let your boss and company decide on your destiny and lifestyle for your family? In Gratitude Corporate Agency, we decide our destiny and life has never been this good.
  • If you think you want to make a difference in your life and be a self-made millionaire, Please register yourself in one of our sessions.

Come and have a coffee with us, and see how can you change you life.

Please drop us a line at our contact link.

Corporate Coffee Talk Program
This is for corporate employees, sales representatives and small business owners.

Gratitude Power Session

Gratitude Power Session is a power-filled meeting where all of our team members come together every week for an energy boost and learning session.

Speakers from various departments and agencies will conduct a knowledge-based training for our consultants that also acts as a support team to help solve business challenges, where members are encouraged to share their experiences and obstacles met in the field along the way.

Our team has benefited enormously from the experience and sales ideas from our sessions, jointly conducted by Unit Managers from the 4 top agencies with AIA Bhd, Who are all part of the esteemed Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Club.

If you feel like being a part of us, please come and join our Gratitude Power Sessions every Wednesday night from 7.30pm.

Gratitude Family Day

Gratitude Corporate Agency works as a family. We believe that with strong family support and colleagues that love one another; we will be able to achieve greater heights in life and in our career. Hence, quarterly family outings are organized where family members of our team members are invited to join us in this fun time together.We believe that having a great life includes fostering a positive family relationship, therefore we encourage our team members to have a good quality family time, everytime.

Join us? We'd love to! Please contact our secretariat to inform us of your participation.

we would love to meet you. Miss Manda 017-3462467.

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