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About Financial Planning


Is there any loop holes in your personal financial management?

Good Time
1) Expenses
2) Taxation

Bad Time
1) Estate Duty
2)Frozen Business Account
3) Force Selling of Assets


About Financial Planning

As a matter of fact, nearly all civilized people needs financial planning.

Personal savings, risk management, investment portfolio, planning for your golden life after retirement.

There will come to a point of life where you will need professional financial advices from professional financial planners.

Financial Planning

Nobody plans to fail, they simply failed to plan. A plan without goals will lead you to nowhere. Let it be professionals, the rich, the poor, employees or the employers, Every different people from every walks of life will need financial planning advice at some stages of their life¡¦s. A comprehensive Personal Financial Plan and Solutions can effectively help our clients to reach their personal financial goals at their expected time frame. As professional financial planners, we will ensure that we will always be just a call away in providing effective and sincere financial advices to our clients in order to meet client¡¦s needs at challenging times.

Comprehensive financial planning services

Comprehensive financial planning services provides financial advices at different level of needs such as wealth accumulation, private retirement placement, fix deposit account, guaranteed income planning, annuity programs and risk management. Our services extends to property management, personal investment portfolio and property management advices. What we really want to achieve is to provide thorough, effective and sincere financial advices to our clients, Our key strength in this business.

The bright future of the financial planning industry

For the past 2 decades, Malaysia has nurtured a generation of well-educated people that are hungrily seeking for financial advices and knowledge. This generation of Malaysians are also very focused on achieving financial freedom, definition: Retiring rich and retiring young. Due to this trend, it has generated a huge demand for professional financial planners in Malaysia for even the next 50 years to come!

The financial service industry has always been a main pillar in supporting Malaysia¡¦s economy. With the effort on the government promoting Malaysia as the next financial service hub for secular and Islamic financial services, professional financial planners will be the next booming profession in the near future.

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